Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Healthy Holiday Hogfest

It’s vacation season and during this time of the year we tend to indulge a little more than usual. In fact, holidays are incomplete without gorging on a few delicacies. It’s time to avoid bringing back a few extra pounds and a paunch as your souvenir. Here are some tips to eat healthy without restricting yourself on your vacation.
  1. Always carry healthy snacks such as dry fruits, instead of adding on calories on a bag of potato chips. This will let you enjoy something a little extravagant for dinner/dessert.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast that constitutes a combination of both protein and complex carbohydrate food. It is strongly recommended that you include more proteins than carbohydrates, as proteins take longer to digest and make you feel full. For a healthy start to the day, break the fast with cereals, milk, eggs, yoghurt, and oats. 
  3. Don’t limit yourself to salads the whole time, but share your meals with someone you’re vacationing with. By doing so, you cut down the amount of fat in the meal, and both of you will be more satisfied. 
  4. Monitor liquid calories and keep an eye on what you’re drinking. Limit yourself to one drink a day and switch from cocktails to wine or light beer. Alternate a high-calorie drink or cocktail with a glass of water throughout the night. In addition, drinking plenty of water helps you stay hydrated and curb your cravings. 
  5. Split and share the desserts amongst the other members of the group. Also, you can indulge in these desserts during lunchtime or carry a dark chocolate that will fortify your dessert. 
While on vacation, eating out and indulging is part of the experience, making it hard for us to strike a balance between going overboard and eating extremely healthy. All you have to do is follow the right guidelines, let go off the restriction, eat healthy, and have tons of fun with family and friends!

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